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Leveraging AI and Space Technology to shape the future

One of the most interesting questions humans have ever wondered about has to be the existence of life. How did we get living things out of pure material, and no magic? This question boils down to one concept — called emergence. The subject of how simple and stupid things organize together to become complex and smart.


Before we get into emergence, I want to talk about how weird we are.

Yes, we are weird.

I mean, think of it. We are thinking, living, wondering, but we are made of tiny atoms which do nothing other than follow the laws of…

One of Jeff Bezos’ and Amazon’s core beliefs is the fact that day 1 should last, and be preserved. But what does it mean to “preserve day 1”?

Have you ever started a project which you have wanted to work on for a long time, and had a burst of energy and excitement to carry your work forwards? That is what day 1 is like. It is the work ethic where everyone is completely invested, hyped to get shit done, and hungry to grow.

When day 1 passes by, you get into day 2. Day 2 is where stagnation starts…

We use the phrase “Rocket Science” to express something extremely complicated. This is for a good reason. Space is hard. Everything on a rocket has to go according to plan first try, or all is lost. You can’t rerun. You can’t update. You can’t fix a bug in real-time.

However in this article, I can give you a complete overview on how rockets work. First, a very general summary on the main parts of a rocket, but after we will dive deeper into each component.

There are so many different types of rockets. For our purpose we will be studying…

It’s impossible to have a successful mission if your rocket doesn’t land correctly. When it comes to space exploration, there are going to be many times in the future that we will have to land a manned-spacecraft on planetary terrain. Since we can’t have one of those smooth landing pads in a planet we have never been to, we have to use the landscape that already exists, and it’s not an option to land on uneven terrain. Significant rocks can damage the rocket boosters, and sloped landscapes can tip over the rocket after touchdown. One possible approach is to have…

There are so many things that you can do with an RNN. The project that I was up to for the past few weeks is just one of the dope things that you can create.

I made a text generation RNN.

Activations in a Neural Network

Before we get into RNN’s, there is some specific vocabulary that you will have to know in order to understand what I am talking about for the rest of this article. One of these words is “activation”.

Basically, when we say the “activation” of a neural network, we mean the output. Every neural network has its output nodes, and…

You can ask any successful person what their qualities are. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk… You name them. Whoever it is, I can guarantee you that they all share one thing in common. They are “On The Ball”.

Now this doesn’t mean that they are literally standing on a soccer ball the whole time. If you are “On The Ball”, it means that you are alert. Alert to a point that you know everything that is going on. The reason this skill is so important is because it’s impossible to accomplish anything without it.

Think about it. To be…

Humans love automating things. We absolutely admire efficiency. We can see throughout all of history that we want to make tasks easier, and simpler… The truth is that we never settle for what we have, we always want it better. Before society existed at all, we wanted tools 🪓 to be better and better. Then came the industrial revolution which made manufacturing ⚙️ much faster, but no, we were not satisfied yet. We decided that adding numbers were boring and slow, so we made computers 💻. Today, we are trying to automate thinking like a human using AI.

As you…

The common expectancy, and what you were probably told was that once in a black hole, there is no going out. And that is correct, right? Get ready for your mind to be blown.

The interesting event where something comes out of a black hole (something many people might argue as impossible) is called hawking radiation. Before I get into how this phenomena occurs, let’s take a look at what a black hole is.

A black hole is an immense amount of matter collapsed into a point in space. It usually happens when a star dies. …

There is a lot of unreasoned stress around calculus and how difficult it is, however the idea of derivatives is really simple.

Before diving deep it is really important to have a fundemental understanding of what a line is on a graph. Sounds like a very shallow topic, after all its just a line!?

Functions On Graphs

Every line represents a function. It is easy to imagine a function as a machine that takes in a number and spits out a new one based off of that number. How does it spit out that number? Well, that depends on the insides of the…

Something we all take for granted is being able to identify someone using their face. Seeing your friend from the front, left or right — it doesn’t matter, you still can understand who they are.

Can computers do this?

Simple answer, yes! Long answer — Its a bit complicated…

How It Works

Facial Recognition has 4 fundamental steps to it:
- Face Boxing
- Feature Boxing
- Important point selection
- Absolute Distance Vectorization
- Vectoral Classification

Face Boxing

In this step of the process, we want to box only the person’s face in the image since everything else in the picture is irrelevant to…

Timucin Erbas

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