Where Are All The Aliens?

Where is everyone?
  • Life Filters
  • We are too primitive
  • Aliens exist in another form
  • We are too quiet

Civilization Filters

One explanation that could work for the absence of massive star ships with super smart aliens in them is civilization filters. Maybe there are hardships that all life in this universe must pass, that is super-duper difficult. Some examples of this could be:

  • Establishing species-wide peace
  • Preventing self-extinction
  • Exhausting planetary resources
Mhm… definetly… that is super scientific for suuure.
Its good that science is a thing…

We Are Too Primitive

Have you ever tried to talk to an ant? Even if I presented to you the smartest smartest ant, you would probably ignore it. Don’t step on it though…

We are pretty tiny

Aliens Exist In Another Form

We know of life on only one planet. Earth. Our sample size is tiny. Very, very, very tiny. Because of this we could be searching for life in ways that are only capable of detecting life forms that have qualities just like us. The Hubble telescope and all is really great & stuff, but have we ever considered…

  • That life on a distant planet we have looked at could be a complex network of gamma rays? It could just be that it is a constellation of energy, not containing any mass/matter at all.
  • We assume a range of size. What if that the living organism is not 10 meters tall, but is made up of 1000 galaxies? How about one that is just a few atoms wide?

We are too quiet

We always look for aliens and signals sent out from them, but what we don’t do is send the signals ourselves. If we tried being a bit more loud, or send signals in the form of light, waves, anything. Maybe some civilization could detect this and could reach out to us. This could be the reason that everything in the universe seems so silent. It could be the case that everyone is looking for something, but not putting anything out there.

The Arecibo Message




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